Bette Deadman

What Bette Wants To Be

plantingtop‘Can I be a hawthorn tree,
If I am very good?
I’ll only need a little space,
To grow within the wood.

In Spring a dress of creamy lace -
Oh – how I’ll sway and preen!
In Summer I’ll wear a robe
Of cool and pleasant green.

peacock_butterflyThe birds will come and chat to me
Sit on my limbs and sing.
The butterfly will lay its eggs;
And caress me with her wing.

My Autumn coat of bronze and red
Will slowly turn to brown,
And when the east wind starts to blow
Will gently tumble down.

imgresOn my lush red winter berries
Will feed the creatures of the wood -
Please can I be a hawthorn tree,
If I am very good?’

Bette was buried at Deerton Natural Burial Ground On Monday, 5th November 2007. A hawthorn tree is growing beside her.

Bette’s family kindly gave permission for her poem to be shared with others.