All who attended my mother’s funeral (and indeed my father’s funeral in 2010) have said what an uplifting experience it was to have such a natural burial and ceremony. Thank you so much, again.

P.W Feb 14

Elizabeth’s husband, Graeme, was only thirty when he died of terminal cancer.

She writes: When he read about ‘Natural Burials’ he decided that was what he wanted: ‘under a tree, in a wicker coffin, in the Kent countryside with a space for myself at his side’.

She continues: Thank you for setting up Deerton Natural Burial Ground where my husband is buried. It is a wonderful, picturesque, respectful place. I feel at peace knowing that it is my husband’s new home – and my home in the future. It is exactly what Graeme would have wanted.

I found Deerton by chance and when I went there I immediately knew it was the place. Someone said to me, ‘you will know when you find the right place.’ It felt so right when I was there and it ticked all the boxes that Graeme wanted.

Leading up to the funeral and on the day of the funeral, I was very grateful to you for being so accommodating and flexible. The funeral service was in Beckenham and so it was quite a long way away. It didn’t matter if we arrived late or early, you were there to greet us. It was a beautiful committal. We played one of Graeme’s favourite songs and listening to it as we buried him, in such a beautiful setting, it all seemed so magical.

I can honestly say that the magic has not faded. I visit Graeme as often as I can. Every time I feel so happy. I spend time with my beloved husband as long as I want and I can enjoy the sun, rain and even the snow with him.

Elizabeth kindly gave permission for this extract from her letter to be used on our web page.


With thanks to you both, for your kindness and perfect arrangements.

C H Dec 13

I found Deerton on the internet and telephoned them. They were kindness itself: nothing was too much trouble.”

F O'N Nov 12

Thank you for all your support –  I’m so grateful to you as this has been more difficult than i had anticipated.

P H Oct 12

I Just wanted to thank you for all of the time you spent with me last week, showing me the burial ground and the cup of tea and chat at your office. The burial was all the better for this preparation, it was so relaxed and ‘natural’. Thank you, you are doing an excellent job.

D M April 12

“Quiet, peaceful and tranquil, an ideal place for my teenage son to visit his father.”

M.L July 10

What Bette Wants To Be

plantingtop‘Can I be a hawthorn tree,
If I am very good?
I’ll only need a little space,
To grow within the wood.

In Spring a dress of creamy lace –
Oh – how I’ll sway and preen!
In Summer I’ll wear a robe
Of cool and pleasant green.

peacock_butterflyThe birds will come and chat to me
Sit on my limbs and sing.
The butterfly will lay its eggs;
And caress me with her wing.

My Autumn coat of bronze and red
Will slowly turn to brown,
And when the east wind starts to blow
Will gently tumble down.

imgresOn my lush red winter berries
Will feed the creatures of the wood –
Please can I be a hawthorn tree,
If I am very good?’

Bette was buried at Deerton Natural Burial Ground On Monday, 5th November 2007. A hawthorn tree is growing beside her.

Bette’s family kindly gave permission for her poem to be shared with others.

Bette Deadman