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Entrance to Deerton and Visitors’ Car Park

Welcome to Deerton where we are open all year round for your convenience. Please feel free to make use of the various seating areas around the site, taking advantage of our local wildlife and tranquility.

Main Car Park

Our main car park is open only on burial days.  We have room for about 30+ cars.  An eco friendly liner is under the grass for safety purposes.  The portaloo is located here and can be accessed on a non burial day via the footpath and it is appropriate for wheelchair users.



Hearse Track

As with the Visitors’ Car Park and the Main Car Park, this track has an eco friendly liner under the grass and gravel tracks.  It leads to a T junction where the hearse parks.  The coffin is then carried to the grave via one of the mown footpaths.

Pathway through Burial Area

There are mown grass pathways throughout Deerton and strategically placed benches for rest and reflection.


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to smoke?

Yes we are happy for visitors to smoke but please take any cigarette ends with you, to ensure the site stays unspoiled.

Are children welcome?

Yes we are happy for visitors to bring children but please make sure an adult is caring for them at all times. 

Am I allowed to bring my dog?

Yes you are, but  please keep him on a lead at all times and clear up after him. 

Can I plant something on the grave or leave some flowers?

Yes you can plant bulbs and seeds by a loved one’s grave, however please can you ensure that they are local, native woodland species.  But do not leave ornaments or wired flowers, plants in pots or other  unnatural items on graves for we will remove them.

If the grave is looking a bit untidy, am I allowed to tidy it up?

Do tidy up and trim the grasses on graves if you wish but please remember that Deerton is a natural burial ground not a lawned cemetery.

Nettles are part of the natural flora but we are endeavoring to keep
them out of the burial areas through cutting and pulling.  Should you wish to
help us out, don’t forget to wear protective gloves!

Am I allowed to bring a picnic?

Yes feel free to sit on one of the benches with your drink and a sandwich
while you reflect and remember your loved ones. But remember to ‘take your litter home!’

To all our visitors thank you, for your support in helping us to keep Deerton looking natural and lovely.