Burial Plots for pre-purchase are no longer available for Deerton. We can still offer  a small selection Ashes and Baby Plots at Deerton.

We can offer burial, ashes and  baby plots for immediate need and pre-purchase in the very near future at our new site: Riverview Natural Burial Ground – opening 1st April 2019. Please call for details.

Plot purchase prices as of 1st January 2019

Adult: single plot £750
Adult: double plot (side by side) £1,450
Baby: single plot £150
Child: single plot (up to 12 years) £450
 Ashes plot £295

Family Plots will be available to purchase from the new site in the near future, please call for details.

Grave Markers ( log grave markers fire written with name and grave number) interred in grave flush with the grass £20.00


Grave Preparation and Administration prices as of 1st January 2019


Adult: £560
Baby: £80
Child: (up to 12 years) £320
Internment of ashes £250

These prices are current but once a plot is paid for it is yours, whether it is occupied now, or in 50 or so years hence.  Prices compare very favourably with cremation or local authority interment facilities.

Payment: preferred method of payment is internet banking, code and account details will be sent on request. Otherwise cheques or cash are acceptable.   Cheques should be made payable to Kent Natural Burials Ltd (No stamp duty or VAT is liable on plot purchases.)

DSC_0915Please note following conditions:

A percentage of the plot money will be invested so that when the burial ground is full it can be cared for as a nature reserve by the trust.  Trees and wild flowers are planted gradually over time to enhance the areas by KNB Ltd as well as memorial trees on Tree Planting Day.

It must be pointed out that if every grave in the woodland area were planted with a tree, strong growth and long tree life would not occur.  Therefore we will advise you what plots are available within the planting plan.  However, as time passes the tree canopies will eventually cover all those in woodland areas.

It is not intended to maintain the burial ground as a manicured park land.  But the natural local flora and fauna will be encouraged so that it remains an accessible, natural and pleasurable corner of Kent.